Ovechkin once again reigns as NHL’s most exceptional goal scorer


As he has routinely been for much of the past decade, Washington’s Alex Ovechkin was the NHL’s most exceptional goal scorer again in 2017-18. This year, however, his league-leading 47 goals scored didn’t quite measure up to his other recent seasons.

Ovechkin’s total translated to a 3.10 Z Score among the season’s top 60 goal producers. It was the fifth time since 2012-13 and seventh time overall that Ovechkin has produced the best Z Score among goal producers. But it was also his lowest Z Score among those seven league-leading seasons, although it was also a higher Z Score than any produced by any other NHL goal-scorer since Tampa Bay’s Steven Stamkos produced a 4.62 during the 2011-12 season.

Ovechkin’s score was the 27th highest ever recorded by a goal scorer. He is already represented six times among the top 25 – three times among the top 10 – his best being a 4.23 Z Score in 2015-16 that ranks sixth all time.

Here is a list of the NHL’s 10 most exceptional goal scoring seasons of all time based on Z Score:

Rank      Player                                   Season                 Team     Z                              Score

1              Wayne Gretzky                 1983-84                Edmonton Oilers              4.76

2              Steven Stamkos                 2011-12                Tampa Bay Lightning       4.62

3              Wayne Gretzky                 1981-82                Edmonton Oilers              4.52

4              Brett Hull                            1990-91                St. Louis Blues                   4.39

5              Phil Esposito                       1970-71                Boston Bruins                    4.29

6              Alex Ovechkin                   2015-16                Washington Capitals       4.23

7              Pavel Bure                          1999-00                Florida Panthers               4.16

8              Alex Ovechkin                   2013-14                Washington Capitals       4.08

9              Alex Ovechkin                   2014-15                Washington Capitals       4.08

10           Brett Hull                             1991-92                St. Louis Blues                   4.07

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